BORDADO Transparent Pink Clutch

Introducing the Transparent Handbag with a Hard Base, a true display of elegance and craftsmanship. Hand-knotted with crystal beads and an acrylic accent, it’s a statement piece for sophisticated occasions.


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Introducing the mesmerizing Transparent Handbag with a Hard Base, a true display of elegance and craftsmanship. This handbag is meticulously HAND KNOTTED with exquisite CRYSTAL BEADS, showcasing intricate artistry that sets it apart. The transparent design allows for a unique and captivating look, making it a statement accessory for any sophisticated occasion. The handbag is jeweled up with an ACRYLIC MADE TO MEASURE, adding a touch of shine and opulence to its appearance. The combination of the crystal beads and the acrylic accentuates its elegance, creating an alluring and intense visual appeal. The intricate hand knotting with crystal beads on the transparent surface creates a fascinating pattern that exudes sophistication and grace. The play of light through the crystal beads adds an extra dimension of allure to the handbag, making it a captivating piece that demands attention. Whether you’re attending a glamorous event, a red carpet affair, or a special celebration, the Transparent Handbag with a Hard Base is the perfect accessory to elevate your ensemble. Its handcrafted sophistication and luxurious materials make it a statement piece that is sure to draw compliments and admiration. Embrace the captivating charm of the transparent design, the shine of the acrylic accent, and the intensity of the crystal beads with this extraordinary handbag. A true embodiment of refined taste and artful craftsmanship, this handbag adds a touch of luxury and style to your outfit, making it a cherished accessory for those who seek timeless beauty and effortless glamour.